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Cloud-based threat correlation and neutralization technologies.

Category: Architecture

Some of our work does involve helping client remediate issues we have identified. One current project requires us to implement various systems, primarily hosted in "the cloud". This has presented a number of unique challenges.

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Not all organizations operating in multiple countries have access to a private WAN. One current project involves basing various security systems into a cloud based infrastructure. This includes methods to detect attacks and prevent them. We have been working with one cloud provider and have noticed that while offering a wide range of features the support for Linux based operating systems is not as seamless as we would like. Therefore deployment is underway to another cloud provider, we will update this entry with details as this unfolds. The project goal is to create a system allowing threats to be identified and acted upon in multiple locations.

Vulnerabilities from the future! - GPS virus causes more fatalities.

Category: The future

Dateline, 2018, The virus affecting the GPS units installed in Geewhiz motors self drive cars has led to another fatality. The car drove off the side of the Grand Canyon leading to the death of the occupant. The car had been programmed to drive to a local shopping mall, but instead opted for the fatal route.

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The virus appears to be blocking the GPs receiver from obtaining accurate location updates leading to numerous reports of lost drivers. This is the second reported fatality, a post incident analysis identified evidence of the GPS virus. It is believed that the virus entered the cars system via an infected web page which the cars occupant accessed two days ago while being driven to a local bar. The onboard security software did not apparently detect the virus which is assumed to be using a form of advanced fractal polymorphic enccryption to appear as a friendly web page feature. Researchers continue to postulate the extent of the virus with some believing that programmed routes are in fact being reprogrammed to lead to accidents.

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