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Company Overview

We set out to build a company that challenged the conventional approaches to information security. Our focus is on delivering solutions that actually solve our clients problems and don't trap them in an endless cycle of buying consulting services. The OccamSec team is a diverse mix of highly accomplished professionals from a variety of backgrounds in both the public and private sectors who came together to create and deliver OccamSec's cutting-edge solutions.

Our services are tailored for each client, we do not believe one size fits all since each organization is different. While many have similar needs, each organization has specific traits that need to be considered and addressed. This approach is supported by our vendor agnostic approach, OccamSec is not a reseller or affiliate of any product companies which allows us to provide you with unbiased information on what you need, and what will work.

OccamSec delivers services to Fortune 500 and smaller organziations across the world in all markets. While being experts in offensive techniques, we also provide defensive services as well, as we believe that if we find a problem, we should have some idea of how to fix it. Our reachback capabilities provide us with a unique vantage point and enables us to call upon experts that are seldom seen in the private sector. This leads to advanced services being provided to clients helping to bolster their security posture.

Finally, OccamSec only operates in the security field, we do not sell services in other areas and we are not resellers of any products.

For more details on what we do and how we do it please see our capabailities and case studies sections. After that, if you think we can help please contact us.

  • About Us

    We are a tier one information security and risk management company. Our goal is to provide our clients with tailored solutions which meet their objectives.

    Our considerable reachback capabilities allows us to ensure clients receive the very best service, with no compromises.

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