The toughest job in infosec, maybe..

"Think outside the box", "innovative thinkers", "highly motivated", "work on leading edge technologies" , "other jargon words", many websites list these as desired traits for potential employees, so yes, we expect that, but that's just the start. Working here is hard, its hard because we are actually trying to do something different, which means we need people who can deliver.

We expect innovation and a determination to succeed. We do not stand on ceremony, there are no "rock stars" here and letters after your name don't mean anything if you can't actually do the work. Instead we run a meritocracy with high expectations. A meritocracy means that anyone can do well, be they introvert or extrovert. Given our teams' diverse background in the public and private sectors, we have taken the best bits from each and discarded the rest. Our company has a flat structure, so if you are after a nice title this may not be the place for you. If you are looking for interesting work, the chance to learn from those around you (and hopefully teach them) then please contact us.

Useful skills

Penetration testing Application, network, operating system, mobile, and anything else.

Analysts Our analysts are required to work with large amounts of data and produce useful information from it

Engineers We develop various solutions for clients, as well as tools for internal use..

Researchers Leading edge research is a powerful tool in our arsenal. If you have expereince in finding security issues, and fixing them, drop us a line.


Interesting work in interesting places with interesting people.


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  • About Us

    We are a tier one information security and risk management company. Our goal is to provide our clients with tailored solutions which meet their objectives.

    Our considerable reachback capabilities allows us to ensure clients receive the very best service, with no compromises.

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